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Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is done using a mechanical sprayer which can release water at a very high pressure. This will remove any dirt, grime, mold, even loose paint. This system is used on any concrete/hard surface, including buildings, patios, driveways, sidewalks, gutters, or fences, etc. Using a lower pressure, we can clean other surfaces such as screens and awnings. The method of applying pressure allows a variety of surfaces to get clean at a productively fast rate which is cost efficient.


Soft Washing

Soft washing is also done using a mechanical sprayer to clean other exterior surfaces with a special soap solution. This process is done at a significantly lower pressure and the solution is what’s effective in killing any germs, mold, or viruses. Our unique solution and one-of-a-kind technique is safe on sensitive surfaces (awnings, outdoor furniture, roofs, etc.). Soft washing is the most efficient and recommended method for cleaning and maintaining a healthy roof. The rain and humidity in Florida is the primary cause of dirty rooftops. Our experts treat the roof with a one-step soap mixture/solution and follow all safety guidelines. Throughout this process, a trained technician is put in place to perform all precautions that guarantee no damage is done to any landscape. After the solution is applied and has sanitized the area, it will be rinsed with a specialty developed, neutralizing agent offering customers peace of mind.


Screen Enclosure Cleaning

Our quality soap and water mixture has been developed to ensure your patio is clean and disinfected. This mixture, along with low pressure  is the best way to disinfect your outdoor living space. This system will kill 99.9% of all germs without any harsh chemicals as it makes contact to surfaces. It is confirmed to kill mold and will rid any spider webs, bugs, etc... Our low pressure system will prevent any damage to a metal structure and screens. The same method is used on the pool patio, which will prevent damage to any painted surface or special stone and we take all measures to avoid any debris falling into the pool.


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